Kauai, Hawaii

October 21, 2016

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Oh my Kauai…where do I even start? It was too amazing! My family owned a home on the island in the beautiful Princeville area while I was growing up. We would take monthly trips throughout the year, and would live there in the summers! Some of my most favorite family memories are in that home on that very special island of Hawaii. A couple of years ago my family decided to sell our home. Every time we would visit after that, we would stay with our family’s close friends who were our neighbors there, which was just as great!!

Last spring my dad surprised us with plane tickets for us to all go to Kauai (WHICH IS THE BEST ISLAND) as a family in October! We were pumped to say the least! He told us he had rented a house for us all to stay in together. When we got to Kauai, on the way from the airport he suggested we drive by our old house to show my husband, Preston. As we pulled up to the house he started pulling into the drive way, and suggested we get out and look around. We all thought he was being creepy, and were like no way!! Then he turned to us “SURPRISE”! He had contacted the new owners (who turned into a vacation rental) and told them he was the original owner and they let him rent it out for the week for us!!! WHAT A DREAM! We walked inside the house and everything was completely the same from when we lived there. The furniture, the pictures, the plates, even the pool and beach toys. It felt just like home. It was so special getting to share that with Preston.

Okay now to the FUN stuff, I wanted to share all our favorite spots in Kauai! A mini travel guide!

The St. Regis:

Okay if you are looking for an amazing hotel to stay at or even just want to go out to get amazing food, the St. Regis is amazing in Princeville! I still to this day crave the Sunday brunch, its to die for! My favorite is the coconut and vanilla french toast with coconut syrup! ahh! The hotel is on the edge of the Hanalei Bay, which so beautiful! Always a gorgeous view of Bali Hai and is filled with gorgeous beaches.

Waimea Canyon: 

The first full day we were there, it was rainy so we decided to take a little field trip down to the other side of the island to visit the Waimea Canyon! It’s basically the Grand Canyon of Hawaii! It’s amazing!! I hadn’t been there since I was little, so it was so cool getting to go back again and really take it all in! You drive up a the mountain on a windy road through gorgeous trees, and when you get to the top its truly breath taking! The canyon is unreal, the pictures do not even come close to what it looks like actually being there. One of my favorite things about Kauai, is there are little farmers markets everywhere! Of course I was so excited to see one at the top, of the canyon! The fruit is just so much prettier here!

Queen’s Bath:

Queen’s bath is a MUST, when coming to Kauai! Its best to go in the spring and summer, that way the surf is really calm and you can actually get into the baths to swim and snorkel. Of course the week we came the surf just picked back up so it was too dangerous for us to get in, or we totally would’ve been swept out to sea (no joke). But on a happy note it is still such a fun hike, and gorgeous when you get down to all the pools! I could’ve sat there for hours watching the waves crashing up against the rocks.

Zipline Kauai: 

Who doesn’t love Zipling? If you are scared of heights, you have to overcome it just so you can zipline in Kauai! It is such a blast! We did it through Princeville Ranch, they do such an amazing job! The guides are awesome and make you feel comfortable and safe, and of course have fun! Our course took us down several different levels of ziplines, for lunch we ziplined down to a gorgeous little waterfall where we got to swim around for a little break while the guides made us lunch; to end the fun day we got to go down the biggest zipline and race someone! It was so fun! I definitely encourage everyone to go check out the ranch, they have awesome activities for any type of adventure!

Ps: (pictured above) since it is a ranch they do have cattle all over the place roaming, one of the times we came to our line and a cow was standing right one the landing zone! It was hilarious! Our guide went down first hoping the cow would move! Don’t worry, it did! No harm to any cows or humans! ha!

Lumaha’i Beach: 

Okay guys this is my favorite beach! I hesitate sharing it because its a pretty hidden beach and I want it to stay that way! (I’m selfish I know) It’s just too perfect! It is great no matter what time of the year you go! It’s a little hike down into the trees and ends at the opening of a gorgeous little cove! We are almost always the only people there when we go! We seriously have the whole beach to ourselves! It has the amazing lava rock to jump off of, snorkeling, little tide pools, great waves, and some of the softest sand! We always hate having to pack up at the end of the day there, so most of the time we stay as long as possible and make a fire and smore’s !

Places you need to try:

Shave Ice Paradise: The best shave ice on the island I swear!

Pizza Hanalei: Always been a favorite!

Tropical Taco: Yummy Yummy!

BARACUDA: If you are wanting a fancy night out, definitely go here! Great food, and you might also spot some celebrities! (We’ve seen Jack Black, Ben Stiller, Jennifer Gardner, and Matt Damon)

Fun Facts about Kauai:

  1. There are chickens everywhere! Literally everywhere!
  2. You’ll find Geckos crawling all around! They are so cute!
  3. If it rains, it will pass! I promise! Don’t leave the beach! There were a couple of times where we were at the beach and it started pouring rain so we raced and packed up everything in the car. By the time we were in the car the rain was gone and the sun was shining! So just pack some beach umbrellas! 🙂
  4. Its so green there! Seriously gorgeous views everywhere you look!
  5. Several movies have been filmed on Kauai! Google it! You’ll be shocked!

Thanks for reading!! I hope you are all having an adventure packed week!



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