Crazy Thing Called Marriage

November 15, 2016

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Dresses: Asos // Shoes: Steve Madden // Wedding Ring: Heidi Gibson // Bracelets: Alex and Ani // Necklace: Made by Mary // Hair & Makeup: Me // Preston’s Outfit: H&M // Preston’s Shoes: Nordstrom Rack // Preston’s Ring: Vitaly Designs // Photography: Hannah Judd //

Hi everyone! So I just hit my 6 month mark of being MARRIED! I know sooo long 😉 but I just want to clear up some things for all you not dating, dating, soon to be engaged, engaged, soon to be married, newly weds, or honestly anyone who cares at all! The biggest things I heard before I got married was that “Marriage is hard” , “Marriage is like a job, you have to work at it everyday” , “You’re going to become boring” etc.. the list can go on. Its like they are all trying to scare you out of getting married! It really put me down, and made me quite nervous about the whole thing.

I’ve honestly have had the best experience with being married! Don’t get me wrong we are no where near perfect, but we have enjoyed spending every minute together even when days are a little bumpy! I have never laughed so much in my life! Marriage is such a fun experience.

I have grown a lot these past couple of months! One of the things I have cherished the most is learning to love Preston more everyday. Its an adjustment from just taking care of yourself to moving in with a BOY and making all your life decisions together. Preston amazing at it, he is always putting our little family first, making sure what we are doing is the best choice for us. For me, its something that I work at everyday. At the end of my day before bed, I like to lay there and think about: 1. my favorite part of my day & 2. what I loved most about Preston that day. It has helped me so much to stay positive through the ups and downs of life!

I absolutely love how much fun we are able to have together! We literally do everything, I repeat, everything together! I don’t know how people survive without going even a day without seeing their loved one, because I sure can’t. Preston left for a business trip for two days after we had been married for two months, and it felt like I was never going to see him again! haha (I’m dramatic I know)

Preston and I made a goal to not be come the “boring married couple” haha. We try to go out and do at least one fun thing each week, not just lock ourselves up and watch netflix! (okay okay we do that at night 😉 ) Its been a blast for us!

We have a very strong belief in our Heavenly Father and our Savior Jesus Christ. I realized when we focus ourselves around those two very important people, our marriage becomes easier. It gives me faith that no matter what we go through together everything will be okay. Im so grateful for all the laughs, trials, amazing times, struggles, tears and hilarious moments that marriage has brought me so far. It truly is the biggest blessing.

Hannah Judd (the photographer behind these pictures) asked me to model for her, and to bring my husband! I love the amazing work she did, I feel like you can truly see the love that we have for one another in them.

I hope from this post that those of you who have negative views toward marriage, come away from this with a little more positivity!

Thanks for reading!




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