the most wonderful time of the year

December 17, 2016

Cutest Top: Roolee Boutique //

Preston and I are lovers for snow! If it could snow all year round, we would be in heaven! We had the first big snow of the year, so we wanted to drive up the canyon and introduce Oakley to the amazing snow! Hoping she would love it as much as us of course. When we got up to Sundance the little flurries turned into a blizzard! It was crazy! Oakley had an absolute blast! She couldn’t even handle herself! She was going crazy! We could not stop laughing!

Preston’s sister and her family wanted to have snowy family pictures, after I took some great shots of them, the snow kept coming down harder. I asked her to snap a couple of shots of us, even though half of them are blurry by the big flakes, I fell in love with them! So…we made our very first family Christmas Card this year and used the first picture at the top!

I hope you all enjoy this beautiful holiday season, and remember the true reason!



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