Cozy Mornings in Knit

March 1, 2017

Cozy Mornings in Knit

Sweater (here), Jeans (here), Target Bedding (here), Target Lamps (here), Ikea nightstands (here), Rug (here), Couch (here)

I love lazy mornings, especially when its cold and snowy. I could just lay and watch the snow fall all day. But I do have my big puppy Oakley who is obsessed with the snow and my cute husband who can’t stay cooped up inside for long. So our cozy mornings don’t always last very long.


Our sweet Oakley girl is almost a year old! I can’t even believe it. She will forever be our first child! Her favorite treats right now are goldfish, carrots, and cuties!

I am so thankful for the slow days. I love being able to have more quality time with my little family, time goes by so fast. I want to remember these simple days.


Photos By Ky Marie Photography