The Perfect Packing Guide

March 13, 2017

The Perfect Packing Guide

Outfit: Zara Top (here), Zara Bandana (here), Abercrombie Denim (here)

Sorel Boots (here), JCrew Socks (here), Mobile Ready Gloves (here), Madewell Passport Cover (here), Tossd Scrunchie (here), Poppy & Pout Toner Mist (here), Traveler Makeup bag & Toiletry Bag w/accessories (here)

Packing can be overwhelming and stressful. I love creating packing lists for each of my trips, it helps me to make sure I am not forgetting anything. It also helps to not over pack. (no one likes an extremely heavy bag) I think I have finally mastered my essentials list for packing! I am now getting my bags ready for Canada and I couldn’t be more excited! Today I am sharing my must haves in my bag!

The Perfect Pack:

1. Passport & Passport Cover         6. Headphones

2. Cameras                                         7. Chargers 

3. Watch                                             8. Facial, Clarisonic, Face wipes, Toner Mist, Doterra oils

4. Mini Emergency Kit                    9. Toiletry Bag w/accessories that are TSA Approved 

5.  A Good Read & Notebook         10. Makeup Bag, mini dry Shampoo

It is going to be a snowy week full of skiing and cold weather in Whistler! I can’t go without my Sorel boots! I am totally a Sorel believer. Growing up in the snow I have tried several different brands of snow boots, and Sorel never lets me down! I have three pairs!! This winter I also finally found a cute pair of mobile friendly gloves. It’s always the worst when you need to answer your phone and have to take off your gloves and your hands are freezing. With my new gloves I don’t have to do that and its amazing! Of course I have to throw those in my suitcase to Canada, along with my JCrew wool socks, knitted hat, and Columbia snow pants.

I never leave for a trip without my essential face and hair products. When traveling my skin can have little freak outs, I make sure to always bring along a Facial, Clarisonic, Face wipes, Toner Mist, and Doterra oils. After a plane ride or traveling in a car its so nice to be able to refresh my skin. I seriously live off dry shampoo, It was disappointing when I could never bring it in my carry-on bag, but when I found my first travel sized one it was a Miracle!! The perfect size to keep in my purse as well. I love being able to refresh my hair anywhere I am, when my dry shampoo, mini elastics, bobbi pins, and a scrunchy. 

I love my passport, it is so fun getting a new stamp in it every time I travel to a new country. Preston’s first time out of the country was our honeymoon to Cancun (which was a blast!) , now getting to plan our next adventures together is even better! I purchased us both leather passport covers from Madewell, to protect our passports from damage or being easy to see in my bag (pick pocketing is definitely a thing). This leather cover also has extra spots for credit cards, other IDs, cash etc.

I can not travel anywhere without packing a good book and headphones. It helps those sometimes long travels go by quickly with my favorite music and books.

I never liked using hotel shampoos and soaps. I like making my travel experience still homey even if I am miles away from it. I have travel size toiletry bottles/containers, I can put my own products in. I found a pack that came with a plastic protector bag as well, it totally saves my clothes if any of my liquids explode when flying. Make sure they are TSA approved, that way you never have to throw your precious products away at security.

Never forget about your chargers for electronics. I packed my camera bag for one of our trips, when we got there I realized that I left the charger at home with the battery in it as well. It was so depressing to be without a camera for the week. (thank goodness for phones!) I have a serious love for long phone chargers, anywhere we are I can charge, without having to leave my phone on the floor. When traveling international pack a universal outlet converter.

Cameras cameras cameras. Capturing our adventures is one of my favorite things. When our trips come to an end, I love being able to reminiscence. Make sure to bring a camera strap so you can be hands free when running around as well.

Preparing for a trip can some times be so uneasy, but when you are well prepared a head of time with your essential packing list, it helps the experience be way more positive.

Can’t wait to share with you are travel guide of Whistler, Canada!