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April 9, 2017

Travel Guide: Squamish, Whistler, & Vancouver, British Columbia

JCrew Coat (here), Timberland Boots (here), Black Skinny Snow/hiking Pants (here), Leather Backpack (here)

Where do I even start? Canada was amazing! My family grew up with a cabin in Whistler, B.C. It was our go to for skiing. The first time I learned how to ski was when I was four and I have loved it ever since. Whistler has always had a special place in my heart, I had to take Preston! SO the planning began! We thought it would be fun to invite two of our other family members with us, Cheyenne and Collins! Collins had grown up going to Whistler as well, but Chey had never been. It was a perfect group!

We planned a short four day trip, but we wanted to make the most out of it. We jam packed all the best things to do in those short days!

Tickets were hundreds of dollars cheaper if we flew out of the Las Vegas airport, so we road tripped down four hours (we usually always fly out of vegas because of this reason). We took one flight from Las Vegas to Vancouver, B.C.; quickest international flight I’ve ever been on! So nice!  I booked our flights through I always find amazing deals!

With the four of us I thought it would be nicer if we stayed in a house all together! I found an amazing airbnb! We each had our own rooms, a family room, laundry, and kitchen. 

Our airbnb was in Squamish. Squamish is right in between Vancouver and Whistler. It is so much cheaper to stay in the Squamish area, plus its gorgeous! Staying in a home is so ideal. We were able to save money by cooking at home and have a place to come back and relax together at the end of a long eventful day! Our host was AMAZING! Her house was amazing! She also left the house filled with fresh groceries for us to start out our stay! I would recommend this adorable house to anyone!

We planned this trip for the amazing snow and skiing up in Whistler! Definitely wanted to get in the best ski days, but also didn’t want to over tire ourselves. We decided to split it up. The first day we enjoyed the amazing ski slopes. What I love about Whistler, it has two peaks. Blackcomb and Whistler. There is a gondola called the Peak 2 Peak that takes you across to either side. If there is a snow blizzard on one peak, just hop on over to the other and its usually the complete opposite weather. You will always have a great ski day.

Our first day skiing was unreal. We stayed on Blackcomb. Blue skies all day and amazing deep powder! I could not stop smiling! The whole day we would turn to each other on the slopes and keep yelling at how amazing it was! 7th heaven is a must must must ski run that you have to do if you are ever skiing in Whistler. The powder came up to our waists. Unreal!

That evening we played around in the Whistler Village. It is such a fun place and has amazing restaurants and fun shops. The Olympic Rings are also a great stop in the village.

Our second day we woke up so sore from our amazing skiing! We totally planned on this happening which is why we took a day break in between. Growing up I had always driven through Squamish but never explored it, so our second day was a Squamish Day! It rained everyday down in Squamish but that didn’t stop us.

There is a really cool Sea to Sky Gondola, that goes from the sea all the way up to the top of the mountain. The views were amazing even on the cloudy day. At the top there are several trails for hikes and a suspension bridge. In the winter some of the trails turn into snowshoeing only, because the snow gets so deep. We just had snow boots and decided to still try the trails, and we did just find in most of the areas since it was getting closer to the warm spring days. In the summer there are even more trails that are open and you can actually hike up the whole mountain instead of taking the gondola.

I love this view of the highway. You can see how windy the road is all the way up to Whistler from Vancouver. Plus its right along the ocean, so its a gorgeous drive!!


The other half of our day Preston begged us to go to the Sharron falls. It was pouring rain and freezing, but Preston didn’t want to waist any of our time. So we bundled up and headed out. The falls were gorgeous! They started so far up, in all our pictures you’ll see us stretching our heads back to try to see the whole thing. It was a fun trail up to them even in the rain, it was worth it!

Can’t forget our short stop at the sea!! Seriously so cold, but the guys had to walk out on the sketchy pier?? And the Canadian Geese!!

Our 2nd day of skiing was just as great as the first day! We first started out on Whistler side, it was a crazy snow blizzard! I couldn’t see anything past 4 feet in front of me, it was so scary! We tried finding better ski runs to get out of the storm but eventually gave up and took the Peak 2 Peak gondola over to Blackcomb side. Best decision of the day. Right when we got over there we had blue skis and perfect powder runs! We skied till closing both of our ski days. The mountain is so big, even on a Saturday we were the only ones on some of the ski runs. I can’t express enough how amazing Whistler is. Forever has my heart!

Our last day was shorter we had to head back down to Vancouver to fly home. We stopped by the LDS Vancouver, B.C. Temple. Which is gorgeous! Then shopped around in downtown Vancouver. Ending our trip with yummy Indian food!

We decided to make our Whistler Canada trip a yearly adventure! Can’t wait!











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