Family of Four

April 10, 2018

Dress: Anthropologie / Rugs: Rugs USA / Crib: IKEA / Black Lamp: IKEA / Drapes: IKEA / Mobile: Restoration Warehouse / Prints: Etsy

Crew boy has been the perfect newborn! We feel so spoiled! After week one he started sleeping through the night! I was so used to him waking up once or twice in the middle of the night, so the first time he slept through the whole night when I woke up I panicked! I thought maybe I had slept through his crying or maybe something was wrong with him! He really was just peacefully sleeping in his bassinet! He’s been that way since! Seriously we are so spoiled, I know! We are really hoping he stays this good!

We are finally adjusting to our new life. The new normal of having a baby in the house. My mom seriously saved us. She stayed with us the first week Crew was born. She did our laundry, cleaned our house, took Oakley on walks, did our grocery shopping, made ALL our meals, and even took a night shift with Crew so we could get some extra sleep! Seriously a saint! We all cried when she left!

Oakley has adjusted to Crew just great too! She’s really calm and gentle around him. We always find her laying in his nursery. When Crew cries Oakley runs to get her toy rope and then runs to bring it to Crew! It’s hilarious! We don’t know why she does it! Ha! But it’s so funny! You can see it in one the pictures I shared! During the photos Crew got a little fussy and Oakley came running in with her rope!

It’s been so fun being a family of three! Well really a family of four with our Oakley pup! I’m so glad we have these pictures to remember the early stages of his life.


Photography: Amber Lynn Bird

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