Traveling with a Baby

April 17, 2018

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Traveling with a newborn can seem like a scary ordeal that a lot of people like to steer clear of! We decided to be brave and take Crew to Hawaii at 6 WEEKS OLD! I wanted to try to make the trip go as smoothly as possible for him and for us. I also wanted to pack as light as possible, we were already going to have our hands full with a new baby, we didn’t need a ton of luggage to lug around as well. I fit all three of us in ONE big suitcase! Yes!! It’s doable! Then I packed a small carryon suitcase with Crew’s essentials like diapers, wipes etc.

Traveling with Crew went so smoothly! He slept THE WHOLE 6 HOUR FLIGHT THERE! Here’s my tips/tricks and gear that worked for us! Tried and true! Everything is linked to Amazon Prime! Who doesn’t love a great deal and two day free shipping?! Click the PINK highlighted words for direct links!

Dock a tot: okay I think this is what saved us this trip! Especially on the plane! Crew sleeps in a dock a tot every night at home. It fits perfectly in his bassinet. So I wanted to make sure we brought it on our trip so he still felt like he was in his own bed. It was easy to carry on the plane and stored perfectly in the overhead storage when we didn’t need it. When it came time for Crew to sleep, we laid the dock a tot down across our laps and snuggled him in. He slept soundly the whole flight there! It was amazing! Other children were freaking out on the plane and I was such a proud mom while my brand new baby was just sound a sleep not making a peep! It was perfect to have on our trip, we didn’t have to haul a heavy pack & play. He slept perfectly every night and adjusted to his new environment just fine.

Ergobaby Carrier: this was the second thing that saved us this trip! I didn’t want to pack a stroller when I knew we wouldn’t use it that much and already had to haul a car seat. Having my Ergobaby carrier was perfect. I strapped Crew on me right when we got to the airport. I was able to be hands free and help carry our bags and carry him at the same time. Security also let’s you walk through with your baby strapped to you. So definitely carry your baby!! It was awesome for all our hikes and adventures we went on as well, he was all snuggled in and could sleep anywhere we were. My husband and I both love this carrier. Has great back support too!

Puj travel tub: this is great to have! Fits flat in your suitcase. Super light and easy to pack. It fits in most bathroom sinks. It was awesome to have to bath Crew.

Burt’s Bees baby travel toiletries: it’s an awesome set with travel size soaps, lotions, creams etc for your baby! No need to pack all your big bottles!

Baby bum sunscreen: I love this sunscreen, it’s all natural perfect for babies sensitive skin! You can NOT forget to pack sunscreen for your new little babe.

Nursing Cover: For nursing mamas! I loved traveling with a cover, I was able to feed Crew anywhere we were and wasn’t worried about having to find a private place.

Breast pump: for nursing mamas! Pack your pump if you have space! It was nice to have if I wanted to pump so I could bring a bottle along on some of our adventures that would be hard for me to nurse at. Or if Preston and I wanted to go out on a date night, we were able to leave Crew back at the house with our family.

Bottles: These are my favorite bottles. They are so light and the easiest to clean! Great for formula or pumped breastmilk.

Baby Headphones: These are great to have for the plane or if you are going somewhere that is going to be loud. We didn’t end up using ours on our flights, Crew just slept through all the noise. BUT other parents around us had them on their children to get them to sleep through the plane.

Pacifier Clip: THIS WAS AMAZING! If your baby uses a pacifier..GET A CLIP! I was never worried about it dropping on the gross airport ground or on the beach somewhere. Plus I never lost it!

  • You can bring as much water/formula/breast milk as you want on the flight. Security has to let you through with it, since its for feeding your child! SO DO IT! I brought a tiny packable cooler with me that had bags of my frozen breastmilk in it and a bottle. Security didn’t blink an eye. All they did was put it through an extra screening and I was good to go. No need to stress about how you’re going to feed your baby while traveling. 
  • Bring your own carseat! Some rental car companies let you rent a carseat, but if they are sold out then you are out of luck. Also they can be gross from being used by a bunch of other people. You can check your carseat right at the gate for free! I liked checking it at the gate rather than at the counter because I knew it was getting on the plane and wouldn’t get lost.
  • Don’t worry about trying to pack all the diapers and wipes you will need for your whole trip. That will just take up some much space in your luggage. You can buy diapers and wipes anywhere you are traveling too. I packed just enough to get me through traveling and our first couple of days on our trip.
  • If you don’t use a dock a tot, check to see if where you are staying has a crib or pack n play there. Most hotels do and a lot of vacation rentals have them as well. Our rental did not, so I’m so glad we brought our dock a tot.
  • Always pack extra clothing for your baby. You never know when they will have a blowout or spit up all over their clothes.
  • Check to see if where you are staying has a washer and dryer! That helped us so much to be able to do laundry. You go through baby clothing and accessories so quickly. If there isn’t a washer and dryer, pack some travel packets of soap so you can wash clothes in the sink or tub instead.
  • I packed 3 swaddles and 1 heavier blanket for our trip. (our trip was 9 days) It was nice to have the heavier blanket for him to sleep with and have the swaddles for during the day. I always was able to have at least one clean swaddle for each day, with being able to wash them!
  • When booking your flights try to get a red eye or a later flight, that way you have a better chance of your baby being able to sleep on the plane.
  • Babies ears are so sensitive and the pressure of flying can hurt/bother them. During take off and landing feed your baby. It helps release the pressure for them.
  • I packed a small medicine bag for Crew, just incase he got sick during our trip. Always nice to over prepare.
  • I downloaded a sound machine app on my phone before we left. Crew sleeps with white noise. I love having it available anytime and anywhere for him. He never missed a nap on our trip.
  • It helped me so much when packing for Crew to stay organized. I used plastic ziplock bags and labeled them. I had bags for jammies, onesies, tops, bottoms, toiletries, accessories, etc. It was so easy to find the things we needed. I also packed an extra ziplock for dirty clothes.
  • Everyday I packed an extra outfit for Crew in my diaper bag along with a ziplock bag, just incase he had any accidents. IT DEFINITELY WAS NEEDED MULTIPLE TIMES!

Be confident when traveling with your baby! If you start out with a positive attitude that everything is going to go great, I truly believe it will! Don’t stress! It’s okay if they get fussy or scream sometimes. They are babies it happens, and most people totally understand. Crew was so exhausted on our travel back. We were in line getting ready to board our flight and he was SCREAMING so loud. I felt so bad for the people around us. The flight attendants were so nice and let us pre-board. I was able to get Crew on the flight, calm him down, feed him, and then he went right to sleep for the whole flight. It all worked out and no one was rude to us about it. Don’t let having a baby stop you from traveling! Have a blast! It will make such fun family memories! You got this Mamas!


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