Living a Healthier Life with Primally Pure

August 16, 2018

Living a Healthier Life with Primally Pure

I grew up with a big health/organic conscious mom! As a teen it was totally something that I blew off and didn’t care much about, but as I’ve grown older I have started to TOTALLY APPRECIATE everything my mom taught me. I am more careful about the food I eat and where I get it from. I feel so much better physically and mentally when I am on a healthier diet. I shouldn’t even really call it a diet, more a way of living! Crazy to think how much better you would feel when you cut out the junk right? 😉

I have always cared about good skin. I love facials, good scrubs, facial sprays, moisturizers, you name it and I have probably tried it. I realized that so much of my products have chemicals in them, that are probably causing more damage to my skin instead of helping it. The past year I decided to look for products that are more natural and softer on my skin. I want the things I am putting on to my body to be as healthy as the things I am putting into my body.

I have been using Primally Pure for almost a month now. Primally Pure is perfect! Everything is natural. Made from real ingredients and a lot of it is plant based. The face creams and oils are so soothing on my skin. Plus I feel like I am in a spa every time I use them! What girl doesn’t love being pampered? 😉  They also have an amazing baby line as well, which is something I loved! I am even more protective of what I put on Crew’s sensitive baby skin. I was so happy to find this company! I am a huge sucker for beauty products! It’s even better knowing & understanding exactly what is in the products you are putting on your skin. Ever look at a beauty bottle and not even know half the words that are in the ingredients?! Definitely happened to me all the time!

I think it is so important to live a healthy based life. You feel so much better and look so much better! Who doesn’t want that?