Top Baby Essentials: Tried & True!

August 6, 2018

I’ve been asked to share my favorite baby items/products for awhile now! I’ve been a mama for 6 MONTHS now! So crazy my baby is already that old. I finally put our favorites list together. Our Top 20! Its tried and true! We use everything on the daily! Hope this helps all you soon mamas, new mamas, and experienced mamas out! Everything is linked below in PINK!

Top Baby Essentials: Tried & True

1.dock a tot 

This was a life saver for us! I can not say enough great things about our Dock a Tot! Crew slept in it every night from the first day we brought him home from the hospital. It fit perfectly in his bassinet. Keeps him cozy and snug. When we travel it is easy to bring a long and helped us to have no problems with Crew’s sleeping. He felt like he was still at home in his own bed.

2.Bumbo seat

Love the Bumbo! Its perfect since Crew can’t sit up on his own yet, but wants to so bad. Its great for feeding Crew as well! We even bring it out to restaurants with us so he can have a sit while we are eating.

3.Halo Bassinet

Love love love! We co-slept until Crew was 6 months (so until last week ha!). Its the perfect height for our bed, kept him nice and close to us! I always knew he was save. It has a night light & timer for nursing, vibrating motions and lullabies. We will definitely be using this with all our babies.


This was the most expensive baby item that we purchased. We think it is TOTALLY WORTH IT! We loved how it came with a bassinet & the seat. Our carseat can also clip into it as well, and it can have unto 3 kids on it. We are excited to grow with this stroller. Oh! And it came with a rain cover & bug cover! woohoo!

5. angel care bathtub

I have 3 different baby tubs, and this was by far my favorite for home! I didn’t ever have to worry about Crew turning around in the water.

6.ergobaby carrier

My husband and I both love our ERGO! Great for hikes, traveling, and everyday activities. Its more heavy duty compared to a lot of other carriers. Super easy user friendly, and machine washable!


Crew is pretty picky about his paci. He has loved this one. Its eco friendly, doesn’t cause nipple confusion (so great for breastfeeding), and is awesome for their mouth development. my dad is a dentist so I was more specific about which pacifiers I use.

8.mama roo

The perfect swing to have in your home! Crew loved it from day one! I can even control it from an app on my phone!

9. Tubby Todd

100% natural baby line. We use it every day. The all over ointment is our favorite! Can’t say enough great things about their products! Use the link for 15% off your first order of Tubby Todd!

10.Boppy Nursing Pillow

Great for nursing, holding, sitting up baby etc. I have two!! I would even sit on one of them, it helped me while recovering after birth.

11. KicKee Onesies

My best friend gave me one of their onesies as a gift. I became obsessed! They are so soft on babies skin. They also have zippers on a lot of them which makes diaper changes incredibly easier! They have tons of different colors and styles. Love their line!

12. wipes

My favorite wet wipes by far.

13. Nursing Cover

love this nursing cover! Can also be a carseat cover and a grocery cart seat cover!

14. Rocking Chair

This is my favorite thing we have in our nursery! It rocks, swivels, reclines, and its SO COMFY! I spend a lot of my time in this chair! PLUS it has AMAZON PRIME! I have the grey one!

15. Bottles

Crew is 99% breastfed. BUT when he does take a bottles, these are the only ones he will take. Since the first week he was born we have used these. They are pro nursing friendly, they help with nipple confusion, have special vents that reduce your baby getting bubbles, and are THEE EASIEST TO CLEAN! They are great for bottle feeders & nursing feeders!

16. my wild bird sling

I love my sling, I carry it around with my everywhere! Its super easy to use, comfortable for Crew, super light, and looks cute with any outfit!

17. Swaddles

These are our favorite swaddles! Tons of different colors and styles!

18. SleepSack

LOVE this! Keeps crew cozy and warm during naps and during the night. I love not having to worry about him getting tangled in his blanket or getting cold while he sleeps.

19. Baby Bullet & Steamer

This is was a major game changer for me. I love to cook, and wanted to always make homemade baby food (I’ll do a whole post on this as well). The Baby bullet & steamer have made it so much easier to do so. I use it on the daily!

2o. Kiki The Elephant

One of Crew’s favorite teething toys!


Fawn Design linked here!