October 25, 2018


Kauai round 2 of the year was amazing! When we visited back in March, it rained almost everyday we were there. When we checked the weather right before this trip the report showed it was supposed to be raining everyday this time too… we were like “come on, we just want some sun!!”. BUT everyday we were there it ended up being amazing weather, and only rained while we were sleeping! It was perfect! I get lots of questions on how we travel with a baby, I put together a post on it from our last trip that I’ll link here!

(above pictures @secret beach)

Our last trip to Kauai was Crew’s first time flying and he was only 6 weeks old. He did amazing and slept through all the flights. This time around I was a little more nervous..he is way more active now. He did great though! We did have to keep him more entertained and have movies for him to watch etc. but he is a great traveler. It also helps so much when you have other people traveling with you, my sister was on our flights with us and was a HUGE help. More hands the better. He checked off his 10th airplane ride by the end of this trip, as a 7 month old!

(above pictures @Queen’s Bath-a forever favorite)

When we usually go to Kauai we love having the relaxing beach days and just hanging out. We decided this trip to do a little more exploring. Preston and one of my brothers, found all these amazing hikes and places for us to check out. Most of them were to amazing waterfalls or cool swimming holes. Kauai has always been our family’s vacation spot, you would think after 12+ years of going back to the same island that we would’ve had everything discovered but we were so wrong! We have goals for our future trips to keep exploring!

(above pictures @Ho’opi’ Falls)

We celebrated Preston’s 25th Birthday while we were there! All he wanted to do for his birthday was go on a hike and find a waterfall! We did just that! He found this amazing one! There were swimming holes, and different levels of the falls to hike too. It was so cool! Crew loved every minute of it! For these hikes I carried Crew in our Ergobaby Carrier.

It was so fun to see Crew more interactive on this trip. He LOVES the water. We couldn’t keep him out of it! He’s a total fish! We thankfully were able to keep him covered with swim shirts, lots of baby bum sunscreen, and this amazing hat! This hat was seriously a game changer!  I love being able to take Preston and Crew back to my favorite childhood spots and see them love it as much as I do.

(above pictures @our family’s property)

(above pictures @the st. regis hotel sunday brunch. A MUST)

For as long as I can remember we have always gone for the Sunday Brunch at the St. Regis. We go to church and then head on over. Its amazing and always been a fun family tradition while we are on vacation. Definitely recommend.

(above pictures @off the main highway in between Kilauea and Princeville)

This waterfall was seriously found right off the freeway. The top of the waterfall starts on my dad’s property. The boys wanted to find where it ended. They brought me back later, it was sketchy getting to it but it was so worth it!

(above pictures @Wailua)

We went to this rope swing on our last night there. Preston and my brother Christian found it when they were hiking back down from a different hike a couple of days before! It was in the middle of nowhere and dropped off into a stream. We played here until it got dark!

This trip was really just a fun last sibling trip for a while. My sister just got back from serving a mission and my brother just left on his two year mission. A lot can change in two years, I’m so glad we got to spend the trip all together.

It also helped me to realize there are always new places to visit and explore, even in the places that I have traveled to a lot or even where I live! Kauai will always be my happy place and my favorite Hawaiian Island.

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