Traveling with a Toddler

June 25, 2019

Traveling with a toddler can seem like a huge task, especially if they are a BUSY toddler. Definitely our Crew Boy!! Preston joked on our last trip that no one told him that kids came with so much baggage Ha! (As he sent a picture of our airport situation with all our bags and items in a family group message)

We started traveling with Crew when he was only 6 weeks old! Click here for my post on traveling with a baby tips!
I feel like we got the traveling thing down pretty well now, but it definitely took a sec to get the hang of things.

I totally hate having to carry so many bags and things while traveling! I totally am guilty of over packing, but with adding children to the mix I love to minimize as much as possible! Makes the trip so much more enjoyable for everyone!

Instead of you having to figure it out alone..heres my tips and tricks on traveling with little ones!

1. GET A GOOD TRAVEL STROLLER!! When Crew was really little we could get away without having to bring one on trips. But now theres no way! Its nice always having a little place for him to be safe and secure when we are traveling from place to place or running around an airport! Our favorite travel stroller is the Colugo Compact Stroller ! It is SO LIGHT, folds up tiny and can fit into a bag to worn as a back pack, or shoulder strap! I can not say enough great things about this stroller!
Bringing a stroller was also so helpful for us to carry our carseat on and diaper bag!

2. Try to fit YOUR WHOLE FAMILY IN ONE SUITCASE!! Yes you saw that right, ONE!! Its much easier to do with only one child, But I fit my whole family in one big suitcase (checked suitcase) for an 8 day trip! If you have more in your family of course you will probably have to bring multiple bags, but try to limit one bag for every 2-3 family members! Less to carry is always better, you’ll have more open arms to help your littles instead of carrying 6+ bags. Total we had One checked bag, our travel stroller, carseat, diaper bag, and my husbands backpack (that he needed for work)

3. Pack airplane activities/surprises! Crew is in a very busy stage. He moves from activity to activity. So the day before our trip I went out and bought new things that would be fun for him on the plane. I gave him a new surprise every hour! (we were on a 6 hour flight). Examples of the things I brought: A new book (crew LOVES books), a few special treats/snacks, a coloring book, a new little toy, and his favorite movie downloaded on our phone for him to watch. He was entertained the whole flight in-between his naps! We also took him on a walk down the isle to get his wiggles out!

4. My favorite gadget for smart phones and tablets is this tripod Here! We were able to connect this to our food tray on the plane for Crew and set up his movies for him easily! He loved this! It was also perfect for the car as well!

5. Wherever you are staying Hotel, airbnb etc.. CALL AHEAD to check and see if they have a pack n play/crib before you go on your trip. One last thing to bring. pack and plays are bulky no need to have to bring one with you! On our most recent trip to Kauai we checked ahead and our rental house had a company that they worked with that dropped off baby items if you needed them, so when we got to town we sent in a request for a pack n play and it NEVER CAME!! We ended up making him a bed out of our suitcase haha! It was quiet hilarious! Next time we will really get all the details and planning done a head of time for his bed haha!

6. BRING YOUR OWN CARSEAT! It was the best thing ever bringing Crew’s Carseat on the plane with us this time. We strapped his carseat to his plane seat and he sat nice and comfortable the whole flight! (make sure your carseat is airplane approved though, it should say on your carseat info sticker on the bottom of the seat.)
He was able to take all his regular naps and we never had to fight him on trying to get out of his seat and taking off down the isles! Some car rental places have carseats for rent, but if you go to pick up your car and they are all out of carseats you are fresh out of luck. SO I personally don’t like to risk not bringing our own. Better safe than sorry. They are kind of a pain to haul around but it ends up being worth it. We got this $11 carseat bag for travel Here. It was nice that it had a back strap to carry around and protect the carseat as well.

7. Don’t worry about trying to pack all the diapers and wipes that you will need for the whole trip… You can buy those anywhere! So instead of taking up space and weight in your luggage just pack enough for your travel time and for the first 1-2 days at your destination!

8. Check to see if your destination has a washer & dryer! This is key to traveling with little ones! Crew gets completely dirty just from eating one meal haha! If they don’t have a washer, pack some travel size laundry soap so you can hand wash your own clothes if needed! Its also nice to not have to over pack clothes! Throw in a wash halfway through your trip!

9. ALWAYS Pack an extra outfit for your littles in your diaper bag on the plane! You will always be prepared for any accidents! I packed a wet bag with me as well to store the dirty clothes and dirty diapers if I wasn’t close to a trashcan.

10. While traveling with little ones you are able to bring as much water/formula/milk etc on the plane. Security has to let you through with it, since its how you feed your child!! I always bring Crews little hydroflask while traveling to keep his milk cold! Pack your own snacks!! So many flight companies don’t offer free meals, snacks, or even drinks anymore… so come prepared for your little one ahead of time!

11. Bring a baby carrier! Its so nice to strap your little one to your back while going through the airport. You can be hands free to help with luggage and tend to your little one easily. You can wear the carrier through the security even! They don’t make you unstrap your baby! This is definitely helpful for newborns and toddlers who could possible run away out of site! My favorite travel carrier is this one!

12. BREATHE! Don’t stress about it. The more calm you are about traveling the easier it will be. When you are stressed your child can totally tell and it can make them uneasy as well. You got this!!

Traveling has become such a fun thing for our little family! I grew up traveling, they were and still are some of my fondest memories! Experiencing new places as a family is one of the greatest things. It makes all the hustle and bustle of preparing for the trip all worth it! I promise you will not regret taking your family on new adventures!

I hope these tips help you in some way! They definitely make life way easier for us!