Weekend Favs

Weekend Favs – Stars & Stripes

June 28, 2019

Hi Friends!! I decided to start a new little thing on here “Weekly Favorites” I thought it would be fun to have a place to share the things that I am currently loving each week!! Took kick off this week I’m adding in some fun things for 4th of July, So Cheers to the first one!

  1. Found this cute crew neck USA sweatshirt and this one and T-shirt for the 4th! Prime shipping too! Who doesn’t love prime?
  2. Love this basic striped tee for the 4th as well for the rest of summer! CAN NOT BELIEVE THE PRICE!!! I purchased it for myself!
  3. Crew has these rain boots, he worn them SO MUCH! He just outgrew them so I got him another pair, and they have the cutest little girl colors as well! Someone please buy these for your littles!!
  4. My favorite beach/pool tote right now! I backed it to hawaii with me and we used it everyday! I now use it every day for the pool and splash pad! Can’t believe they are only $10!!
  5. Tevas are my favorite summer hiking/outdoor anything sandal! I love this new style they came out with, such fun colors!! I also wear this pair almost on the daily!
  6. Found these great Mens 4th of July T’s. Got one for Preston!
  7. Currently reading this new book, and I’m loving it!
  8. Ive been hearing such great things about these face tanning drops, I decided to try them out!
  9. I LOVE SETS! This set I’m seriously so excited about it! I just bought it and its still on sale. Im a total sucker for the biker short style right now too!
  10. My favorite visor!! I have been wearing it almost daily to the pool/beach! I also got one for my mom for her birthday and she loves it!
  11. These are fun summer jammies for Crew boy!
  12. Couldn’t believe the deal on these cute beach chairs and umbrella!! This one is only $10 too! You bet I bought all 3!!
  13. Fun summer & 4th of July swimsuits! I own this one! Want to snag this top & bottom! This one is a great fit and so cute for the holiday!
  14. Love this $5 swimsuit for Crew boy!
  15. You’ve probably seen me in this Gigi Pip straw hat at least 5 times a week! Its the perfect straw hat! If you use code “Ciera” you get free shipping on all your orders!

Happy Weekend & Early 4th of July!! Can you believe its almost JULY?!