6 Tips for Camping with Little ones!

July 10, 2019

We LOVE camping! Honestly anything outdoors is our total love language! Adding littles to the mix can make camping hard….more like dirty…very dirty. DON’T let this thought discourage you! Here are my 6 tips for camping with your little ones!

  1. ACCEPT that they are going to get dirty! They will be completely covered in dirt head to toe, heck they will probably try to eat it! (Crew sure does!) Just breathe and let it go. They are just having fun and you can’t hide from all the dirt when you are outside. Pack lots of wipes, and extra clothes. Dark colored clothes!
  2. PICK a good camp spot! A spot that will be safe for them to run around. On the edge of the cliff…. probably not the best idea! You don’t want to be stressed the whole time chasing them around and guiding them from every little “danger” area.
  3. MAKE a great sleeping situation for them! Camping or even just traveling away from their normal bed can be hard. Make their bed the best! Or even fun! When we travel we bring Crew’s dock a tot or Pack n Play because he is already used to sleeping in them! He never skips a beat in his sleep schedule when we are camping, because he feels like he is still in HIS own bed.
  4. PLAN activities! Heck I wish Crew would just lay back in the hammock and relax the whole day away while camping… but YEAH RIGHT, THAT AIN’T HAPPENING! We plan hikes, fun little games, four wheeler rides, fishing, etc. Plan things that can be fun for the whole family!
  5. PACK ahead of time! Make a packing list of things you need BEFORE you leave. I personally have to do this, or I stress of forgetting things that I actually will need. Remember the days you could just grab a bag and go? Well those aren’t the days anymore ha! You will enjoy your time so much more if you were ahead of the game and thought about what you actually needed for this camp trip! I also pack a few of Crew’s favorite things from home. A favorite toy, a book, blanket, etc. That way he has a piece of home with him no matter where we go, feels more “normal” to him.
  6. CAPTURE those precious memories! Bring a camera along! Snap those fun family experiences! Im sure there might be some tears, Snap those too! Take a video of their first time fishing or a clip of the hike! These are the memories your kids will remember! They are still some of our family’s favorite times when we were kids! All the hard work will pay off for these experiences you can only get when you are out camping with your family!


Told ya, you might capture some tears! 😉

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