5 Tips for Better iPhone Pictures!

August 20, 2019

Having a camera that fits in your pocket is the perfect way to always capture those sweet moments! Today I’m sharing my 5 tips to better iPhone pictures! 5 things that I actually do!

1. TURN OFF LIVE PICTURE SETTING!! This is my biggest and #1 tip! Turning off live mode captures a more clear picture!

2. Download a great mobile editing app! My favorites are VSCO, Lightroom Mobile, and the Tezza app! A simple edit will transform your picture in seconds! Purchase a Preset (filter) of an editing style that you love! So many photographers sell the their own presets, so anyone can have their unique edits too!

3. Try Shooting in portrait mode! If you want that look of a Digital Camera, this is a great way to achieve that look and quality! How cool is it now that so many phones have portrait mode?

4. SNAP AWAY! Especially with busy moving objects (my busy Crew boy), SNAP SNAP SNAP! This will give you more options of capturing that perfect picture! Then you can go back and weed out the ones that aren’t going to make the cut! *pet peeve of mine…when you ask someone to take your picture and they only Take ONE!! What!! and usually it doesn’t even turn out! anyone else?5. Shoot in good lighting! Obviously not everywhere you are going to be is going to be ideal lighting every time, but the better lighting situation, the better your pictures are going to turn out! EX. If its bright and sunny, look for a shady spot to take your picture..under a shady tree, in the shadow of a building, etc. You can still capture that bright pretty background, but your main object will stand out and not be washed out!

I love capturing all our big and small life moments, iPhones make it so easy to always document! I hope these simple tips help you up your picture game! 🙂

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