8 Things We LOVE about Kauai!

August 8, 2019

Kauai has such a special place in our hearts. It Feels like home every time we travel back, honestly I cry every time we have to leave. Its a place of peace and simple happiness. I hope everyone gets to travel there one day!

There are too many great things about Kauai, but here are 8 things we LOVE about it!

  1. Kauai is so GREEN!! It is nicknamed the “Garden Island”. But seriously everywhere you look its green and gorgeous. The views are breathtaking!
  2. Wild Chickens! Yes you read that right. WILD CHICKENS! Chickens don’t have a predator on the island so they roam free. Its honestly hilarious!
  3. Kauai has a different feel compared to the other Hawaiian islands. It feels more private and local. It doesn’t have big tourist spots, so a lot of time you feel like you have the whole beach to yourself. I love feeling like one of the locals. The ‘chill” culture is the best.
  4. The people! Oh I could go on forever about how amazing all the people are there! You will feel loved by just about everyone that you meet! They are so loving and kind!
  5. The Hikes are UNREAL!! Growing up we didn’t spend a ton of time hiking on Kauai, the past couple of years we decided to explore some more of the island. We were blown away by the amazing hikes on Kauai. Definitely a must every time we visit now!
  6. We love the simple living. You don’t have to have a lot there. No one cares about who has the nicest car, or nicest house, who has the best clothes. Heck half the time no one even has shoes on. It helps us focus more on the things in life that are actually important. I want to implement that more in my home life.
  7. Kauai has so many hidden beaches. You go hiking through the forest and come out to a beautiful beach all to yourself! Living their part time growing up helped us find these gorgeous hidden gems thanks to our local friends!
  8. So much of the Hawaiian culture is still kept on the island! We love it! I hope its always kept sacred there!

Our little chicken friends!
Go to the Wishing Well for amazing Acai Bowls & Shave ice!
Hello Gorgeous Napali Coast!
What a gorgeous place to work out too! Oh and the cutest work out buddy! 😉

Please add Kauai to your Bucket List, its a little slice of Heaven. I hope you love it as much as we do!


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