Holding onto the Little Things

August 16, 2019

This past year I really decided to try to focus on the small things in my life, the little things that matter too and sometimes matter even more than the big things. The little details that make up everything, hold it all together. I’ve struggled on and off with it. Getting caught up in the next step, instead of just focusing on the now. 

There are so many little things to be grateful for, even when life feels like its falling apart. Im refocusing on that now! Yes life isn’t always perfect, but I have a beautiful little boy, an amazing husband, a family that loves me, a roof over my head, a comfy bed to sleep in, a healthy body, a knowledge of a loving Heavenly Father, the list goes on. But all of these little things are important, they are the main details of our lives. Everyone’s list looks different, but its your list and what you need to be focused on. When times get hard, remember your list. When times are great make your list longer! The little details DO MATTER! In every way! Hold on to them. 

Ive teamed up with Modern Gents Trading Co. for this post! They also think details are of great importance! Their mission is to create beautiful wedding and engagement rings that are affordable. (do you spy the new pretty ring on my finger? 😉 ) The little detail of a ring means so much to me! It always reminds me of the sweet vows that I made to an amazing husband! Forever grateful for that reminder! No matter what crazy path life takes you on, hold on to your little things that matter the most.


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