Weekend Favs

Weekend Favs!

August 13, 2019

Hello Hello Hello! Once again this weekend post is coming to you on a Tuesday, due to us camping this weekend! Trying to squeeze in all the fun summer camping trips while we can!

I have some very fun favorites this week! Things that I have been totally loving as of lately as well!

  1. Obsessed with this silk pillow case!! Did you know that sleeping with a silk pillow case is SO MUCH BETTER for your skin and hair?! Well it is my friends!! Get yourself one stat!!
  2. Water Proof phone cases, that don’t break the bank! We took these camping with us this weekend and they were perfect! Two for $12.99!!
  3. Loving this muscle tee right now!! So fun!
  4. Set of Hair clips! Love these!! 10 for $10!! what a deal!
  5. I purchased this book for Preston’s Fathers day present! Its one that the whole family is loving! Perfect for anyone with the traveling/roadtrip bug!! Roaming America: Exploring all the National Parks!
  6. Toddler and Little Kid Birks! Crew wears these basically everyday! Little Girl Colors here!
  7. The current book Im reading and loving!
  8. Bitty Brah Hats!! I have shared these before many times, but they are just a LOVE of our family’s right now! We can never leave the house without them! Plus they came out with some fun adult ones too!!
  9. My Favorite Skin care line! My skin has been an on and off struggle since Crew was born, all the hormones making me go crazy!! I started using this all natural line and it has done wonders to my skin!
  10. HUGE FAN of long sleeve swimsuits! We spent 8 hours at the lake this weekend and it protected me the whole day while still feeling cute and comfortable!
  11. My favorite Weekender Bag!
  12. My Gallery Wall Frames! Forever will be a love of mine!

Hope you have an amazing week!! Tag me with your new purchases! I love seeing!!

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